Job Interest

Personal information

Contact Details

Right to Work

  • that I will register at the JR&Co head office with all the required documents to sign a contract of employment within 3 days of the date of completion of this form
  • that I will need to complete Health and Safety induction training within 2 weeks of commencing work and that failure to do this will result in the offer of employment being revoked
  • that my offer of employment is based on a satisfactory DBS/DS check
  • that I am eligible to work in the UK in accordance with the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996. I confirm that failure to provide any evidence of applicant Right to Work in the UK, will result in his\her offer of employment being revoked and no wages will be paid

Consent Form

I hereby consent to Julius Rutherfoord & CO holding and processing my personal data for the purpose of regulating and further I consent to Julius Rutherfoord & CO to processing data contained in my personal file whether provided in confidence or by other individuals such as

Data: Personal details (including address and contact details); academic record; qualification and skills; financial record; immigration status, criminal records, employment contract etc.

Confidentiality Agreement

It is a condition of your employment with Julius Rutherfoord & Co Ltd where you have been allocated to (SITE NAME) ___________________________ and a condition of you being granted access to both (SITE NAME) and our premises that:
• You undertake not to disclose including investment purposes, any information relating to the interests or business, Confidential Information, of both Julius Rutherfoord & Co Ltd and any site you are allocated to during your term of employment, which includes (SITE NAME) _______________________________ or its customers, either during the period of your employment with Julius Rutherfoord & Co Ltd, or subsequently.
• You undertake not to communicate, disclose or make available all or any part of any Confidential Information to any third party or to use for your own purposes,
• You undertake to not directly or indirectly use, or permit others to use, the Confidential Information;
• You undertake to not make any announcement or disclosure in connection with the Confidential Information;
• You acknowledge that some or all the information held on the premises which you may have access to is or may be confidential information and that the use of such information may be regulated or prohibited by applicable legislation including securities law relating to insider dealing and market abuse and you undertake not to use any information for any unlawful purpose. Under the Criminal Justice Act 1993 the use or disclosure of such information may be a breach of the law and may result in criminal proceedings being brought against you;
The obligations in this letter are continuing and shall survive the termination of your employment with Julius Rutherfoord & Co Ltd.